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Journal Collection

  Journal Collection
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the 2nd floor and Bound Journals which are also arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor. Volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in compact shelf storage. To get access to them contact the circulation desk for assistance.
  List of Journal which are available in hardcopy.
 NACSIS Newsletter
 Naga : The ICLARM Quarterly
 Nanta Mathematica
 The Nation
 National Diet Library Newsletter
 National Engineer
 National Geographic
 National Institute Economic Review
 National Tax Journal
 Natural Disaster Science
 Natural Hazards Review
 Natural History Bulletin
 Natural Resources Forum
 Natural Resources Journal
 Nature and Resources
 Nature : New Biology
 Nature : Physical Science
 Naval Research Logistics
 Naval Research Logistics Quarterly
 Near Surface Geophysics
 NEDA Journal of Development
 Netherlands Milk and Dairy Journal
 New Civil Engineer
 New Civil Engineer International
 New Civil Engineer International
 New Ecologist
 New Generation Computing
 New Library World
 New Scientist
 New Society
 New Statesman  [1957]
 New Universities Quarterly
 New World : The Siemens Magazine
 New Zealand Concrete Construction
 New Zealand Engineering
 New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
 New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture
 News in Engineering
 Newsletter - Commonwealth Geological Liaison Office
 Newsletter - Commonwealth Science Council  Earth Science Programme
 Newsweek : The International Magazine
 Nicmar : Journal of Construction Management
 Nippon Steel Technical Report
 Nordic Hydrology
 Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal
 Nordic Road and Transport Research
 North American Journal of Aquaculture
 North American Journal of Fisheries Management
 Notices of the American Mathematical Society
 NRC Bulletin : National Research Council
 NSDB Technology Journal
 NSTA Technology Journal
 NTIS Alert : Energy
 NTZ   Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : Telekommunikation und Informationstechnik
 NTZ Telekommunikation & Informationstechnik
 Nuclear Engineering
 Nuclear Engineering International
 Numerische Mathematik
 Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems