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Journal Collection

  Journal Collection
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the 2nd floor and Bound Journals which are also arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor. Volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in compact shelf storage. To get access to them contact the circulation desk for assistance.
  List of Journal which are available in hardcopy.
US  Library of Congress Accessions List: Eastern Africa
US  Library of Congress Accessions List: Middle East
US  Library of Congress Accessions List: Southeast Asia
UBS Business Facts and Figures
Unabashed Librarian
UNCTAD Bulletin
Underwater Journal
Underwater Science and Technology Journal
UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries
UNESCO Courier
UNESCO Journal of Information Science, Librarianship and Archives Administration
UNIDO Newsletter
UNISIST Newsletter
Unisist Newsletter  General Information Programme
UNISIST Newsletter  Information Informatics Telematics
Universities Quarterly
Urban Abstracts
Urban Affairs Quarterly
Urban Anthropology
Urban Edge
Urban Studies
URJA  Energy Journal
US Geological Survey  Journal of Research
Usine Nouvelle
Utilities Policy