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Main Collection

  Main Collection (General Collection)
  The Main Collection consisting of books, reports, conference proceedings, etc., is housed in the 2nd floor arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Number, so that documents on the same or related subjects are together. Each of the rows of racks has been posted with an indicative list of subjects of documents in the corresponding row
  Library of Congress Classification Outline
  A -- General works
  B -- Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
  C -- Auxiliary sciences of history
  D -- World history and history of Europe , Asia, Africa, Australia, Etc.
  E -- History of the Americas
  F -- History of the Americas
  G -- Geography, Anthopology, Recreation
  H -- Social Science
  J -- Political Science
  K -- Law
  L -- Education
  M -- Music and book on music
  N -- Fine Arts
  P -- Language and literature
  Q -- Science
  R -- Medicine
  S -- Agriculture
  T -- Technology
  U -- Military Science
  V -- Naval Science
  Z -- Bibliography. Library Science. Information resources (General)